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Training your teams to fundraise better

Charities use us to train their staff because they know their fundraisers will be able to do their job more effectively and for longer.

About the Fundraising Academy

Sure, we're members of the PFRA and the Institute of fundraising, so your fundraisers, team leaders and site managers will improve their fundraising skills, but what really sets us apart from our competitors is that we also teach your fundraising teams to manage stress effectively so they can continue doing their job at the highest level.

Unsurprisingly, fundraising is a highly stressful occupation – the courage needed to speak to a complete stranger, the emotional control required to accept a stranger won't support a cause you are dedicating yourself to and the necessity to do this day after day, mean that stress levels are likely to be high.

At the Fundraising Academy our training methodology not only teaches you the secrets of ethical fundraising, but also how to manage that stress.

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The Benefits

Increase productivity and morale by...

  • Decrease absenteeism
  • Encourage more donations
  • Increase larger donations
  • Create a happier, more productive fundraising team

Your fundraisers will fundraise more effectively and we will also teach them how to incorporate a mind-set used by world leading CEOs – such as Steve Jobs – to think clearly, stay positive and keep raising donations to the best of their ability.

Our fundraising services

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Telephone fundraising


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Face to face fundraiser

Face to face fundraising

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Compliance and managing vulnerability

Make a difference

So for the fundraising training company that does more than teach raw sales skills Call today on 0844 561 7507
One day your fundraisers will thank you.

  • Mark Carter-Nesbitt

    MD of Urban Leaf

    "They're a great team, always striving to deliver excellent candidates for us and if there is ever a problem they are happy to tackle it head on."

  • Chisom Chigbo

    MD of Engage Fundraising

    "From their professional, punctual service to their clear communication, they are a useful addition."


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